About us

PopSquare is an AI pop-up marketplace based in Hong Kong. We help designers to set up and run popup stores simultaneously across different locations in China and discover market opportunities through our big data analytics.


Our Missions

  • Help Innovators and Designers around the globe to leverage business using big data.
  • Redefine and optimize the use of space through big data, computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learning technologies.
  • Provide customers with a new product experience platform and shopping experience with seamless payment

Our Story

We are seeing an increasing number of innovative products being designed and produced to serve a better living. Meanwhile, to a lot of new designers/brands, given resources are limited, they would usually only sell their goods online. However, we believe a piece of beautifully designed product needs to be felt, touched and experienced by the real users. It is, therefore, PopSquare is created.

PopSquare is a cluster of a pop-up marketplace that helps designers and innovators set-up and run their popup stores simultaneously across different locations. By taking advantage of our latest big data, computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learning technologies, we help to save up to 90% of effort and time than before. PopSqaure.io enables designers and innovators to understand customers better and expand the market faster at a lower cost.  

PopSquare also wants more people to be inspired and get sensible touches by experiencing different kinds of innovative products around the world.