Mighty Mug - Ice Tumbler
Mighty Mug - Ice Tumbler

Mighty Mug - Ice Tumbler

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專利技術 Smartgrip Technology 令杯身不易被推倒,將杯放在桌上,杯底部經過特別設計的吸盤便會抓緊桌面,令杯不被推倒,防止意外撞翻。如你需要提起不倒杯,只需輕鬆把杯上提,簡單方便。

- 20 安士 (0.6 升) 雙層保溫設計 
- 瓶身闊度適中,適用於汽車杯架
- 不含 BPA
- 隨杯附送同色飲管,杯蓋設計可封密
- 以生物可分解塑膠製造

Patented Smartgrip Technology makes the cup body is not easy to be pushed down, the bottom sucker of the cup will grasp the desktop, to prevent accidental crashed. If you need to lift the cup, simply lift the cup easily and conveniently.

Capacity: 20 oz (0.6 L)
Features: Double insulation design, lid design can be sealed, attach with the same color straw Material: Biodegradable plastic, BPA-free
Size: Bottle width is moderate, suitable for car cup holder