Nano Hydrolysed Collagen Serum Film

Nano Hydrolysed Collagen Serum Film


See the transformation of your skin with just a few seconds of work every day.

Improve skin texture from the inside out. Rejuvenate, lift, whitening, hydrate, moisture locked, anti-wrinkles. 

Suggested usage to obtain the best result:

Continue to use the serum film mask daily for 90days, then use it twice a week for general maintenance. (Can be used over makeup if needed) Recommend to repeat the above treatment procedures to obtain a long-lasting result.

*Result may vary, depends on skin conditions.

-Natural ingredients used

-No preservative

-Nano ingredients penetrate to dermis almost instantly

-infrared infused material enhance blood circulation and absorption 

-Natural activated carbon absorbs purify skin

-patented technology

-2018 Geneva Invention Gold Plus award winner

-100% Made in HK (Project collaborated with Hong Kong Science Park)

How to use:

  1. Take out serum film mask from the sachet (avoid wet hand)
  2. Remove the white paper and throw it away.
  3. Apply carbon film with the light grey color on the face. Hold the mask on face and spray water evenly until wet.
  4. Gently press the film mask to allow better absorption.
  5. Remove carbon film mask.
  6. No need to rinse face.
  7. Follow up regular skincare routine.