Click and Grow - Smart Garden 3 智能盆栽

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來自愛沙尼亞的品牌 Click and Grow,設計將科技和栽種植物兩種元素結合,免去您打理盆栽的煩惱。旗下 Smart Garden 家用智能香草花園系列是歐美等國熱賣的 Hot Item,輕輕鬆鬆即可在家中種植新鮮香草。

Smart Garden透過內置感應器自行為家居植物提供足夠水份及光線,用家只需定期於儲水池內加水, 省去每天打理植物的工序。
Smart Garden 已附上 
Basil (羅勒葉)種子膠囊,植物膠囊無添加農藥及植物激素,可以放心烹調進食。 除內附的 Basil 之外,您亦可選購其他款式的 Click and Grow 膠囊,栽種出更多款式的香草及水果。

內置感應器 確保植物有充足水份及光線

尺寸: 31.5 x 22.7 x 13 cm
重量: 1.767 kg
生長燈工作時間: 16/8小時
物料: ABU 塑膠
電壓: 12V

Originated from Estonia, Click and Grow is a brand which creates transformative technologies that allow growing fresh, vitamin-packed food locally and sustainably. Their product line Smart Garden Indoor herb garden is a hot item across Europe and North America.

Smart Garden takes care of your plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light, and nutrients at all times. You just have to regularly check and make sure the water level is sufficient.

The plant pods from Click and Grow are pesticide and phytohormones-free, the herbs and plants grown are safe and edible. Apart from basil pods, you can select different Click and Grow plant pods to grow your favorite fruits and herbs. 

What’s Special:
Automatic watering system
All-weather LED Light
Sensors to maintain sufficient water and light level
pesticide and phytohormones-free 

Dimensions: 31.5 x 22.7 x 13 cm
Weight: 1.767 kg
Work hours for LED light: 16/8hours
Plug suitable for Europe and UK
Material: ABU Plastics
Voltage: 12V