MyFamilyBuilders™ - Magnetic Wooden Shapes 磁木

MyFamilyBuilders™ - Magnetic Wooden Shapes 磁木


Spruce up any fridge or whiteboard with our fun mix & match magnetic shapes that empower children to explore a world of possibilities and build all kinds of friends & families by creating one-of-a-kind characters and families, with over 6000 possible combinations. It acts as a tool for parents and educators to talk about diversity and love. It is built to last with thick wooden shapes and water based non-toxic so it is suitable for all age to play. The perfect gift for all families, teachers, and classrooms.

通過拼砌磁木形狀,可以美化任何冰箱或白板,同時讓孩子探索世界的可能性,並創建各種現代家庭,創建獨特的人物和超過6000種可能的家庭組合。 它是家長和教育工作者與孩子討論多元化和愛情的工具。耐用厚木的形狀和水基無毒測試油漆令它不容易損壞,因此適合所有年齡的玩家。 給所有家庭,教師和同學的完美禮物。

Includes:60 Magnetic wooden shapes:8 adults heads, 11 kids heads, 8 big bodies, 10 small bodies, 8 big legs, 10 small legs, 1 big wheelchair, 1 small wheelchair; 3 shapes (head, body, and legs) make up a character. 2 pets and 1 text bubble "Be who you are". It also includes a thick canvas bag to store all the pieces.

包括:60個磁木形狀:8個大人頭部,11個小孩頭部,8個大身體,10個小身體,8個大腿,10個小腿,1個大輪椅,1個小輪椅; 3種形狀(頭部,身體和腿部)組成一個角色。 2個寵物和1個文字泡泡"做你自己"。 它還包括一個厚厚的帆布袋來存放所有的作品。

Country of Origin:  USA

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